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About Maharashtra

18°58'N 72°49'E18.96°N 72.82°E
District(s) 35
Established 1 May 1960 (Maharashtra Day)
Capital Mumbai
Largest city Mumbai
Legislature (seats) Bicameral (288 + 78)
Density 314.42 /km2 (814 /sq mi)
Official languages Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area > 307713 km2 (118809 sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 IN-MH
Website www.maharashtra.gov.in

Maharashtra Tourism

Maharashtra is one of the largest as well as one of the most popular states of India (in terms of tourism). It is home to a large number of attractions, drawn by which people come here on sightseeing tours. The state, with its lush green locales, picturesque hill stations, exotic beaches and rich wildlife, is surely a nature lover's paradise. Add to this, the numerous historical monuments, rock cut caves and religious shrines Maharashtra offers and you have a variety of reasons to plan a holiday trip to the magnificent land. In this article, we have provided you with a list of the attractions that you must visit on a tour of Maharashtra.


Maharashtra, one of the biggest states in India, has a long coastline to boast of. This extensive coastline has resulted in the state being blessed with a number of beaches, which are known throughout the world for their white sands, serene locales and stunning environs.

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The amazing caves situated at Maharashtra showcase the age-old culture and rich legacy of the state. Some of these caves, like Elephanta Caves, Karkla Caves and Bhaja Caves, boast of stunning rock cut architecture. On the other hand, those at Ajanta and Ellora have been adorned with beautiful paintings.

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Religious Places

Maharashtra has always been one of the favorite destinations of the tourists visiting India. One of the reasons for this huge popularity is that the state is home to a large number of religious places, comprising of temple, mosques, Jyotirlingas, etc.

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Hill Stations

Are you tired of toiling away to work every day? Do you need a break from the monotony that has become so widespread in the life of city dwellers? Welcome to the hill stations of Maharashtra! The state is home to the Sahyadri hill ranges and this has resulted in it being gifted with a number of hill resorts.

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Maharashtra, one of the leading industrial states in India, is known throughout the world for being home to a large number of historical monuments. These monuments today stand as testimony to the rich past which the state boasts of. Most of the famous monuments in Maharashtra are situated in the capital city.

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The nature lovers, who come to India to explore its rich wildlife, must make a sojourn at Maharashtra also. The state is virtually a delight for those who love to visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and be a witness to nature's beauty. The various protected areas here are home to a wide variety of wildlife.

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For those who are interested in exploring the rich past of Maharashtra, there are no better places to visit than its magnificent forts. Each and every fort in this Indian state has some or the other tales buried within its boundaries, tales of courage, tales of valor, tales of chivalry, and so on.

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Maharashtra Airports

Maharashtra is well connected with all the parts of India through various means of transportation, namely air, rail and road. Being home to a number of coastal cities, the state can also be approached from the sea. However, it is by air that a major percentage of visitors enter Maharashtra. Even amongst the air travelers, the maximum amount of rush is seen entering the state through the two airports in Mumbai. In this article, we have provided information on all the major airports of Maharashtra.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai)

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, with the traffic of up to 45 landings and takeoffs per hour, is the busiest airport not only in the Maharashtra, but also the whole of India. Situated at Sahar, this airport has two main terminals - Terminal 2A and Terminal 2C. Facilities like ATM, Wheelchair, Inter-terminal Coach Service, Medical Room, Lost & Found Counter, Shops, Restaurant and Snack Bar are available at the airport.

Santa Cruz Domestic Airport (Mumbai)

Santa Cruz is the domestic airport of Mumbai, situated in the Santa Cruz locality. It also comprises of two terminals - Terminal 1A and Terminal 1B. There are shuttle services provided for those who want to go from the domestic airport to the international airport. All the domestic airlines of India operate from the Santa Cruz Airport only.

Lohegaon Airport (Pune)

The airport of Pune is situated in the Lohegaon area, lying at a distance of 10 km to the northeast of the city. Domestic flights, connecting the city with the rest of India, operate from here. Apart from that, you can also take international flights from here, to Singapore and Dubai. A new airport is proposed to be built between the area of Chakan and Rajgurunagar, along the Pune-Nashik National Highway.

Chikkalthana Airport (Aurangabad)

Aurangabad city has an airport of its own, situated at a distance of about 10 km from the heart of the city. It is a domestic airport and has direct flights to key cities in India, like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. The airport holds a lot of traffic of people coming to visit the caves of Ajanta and Ellora.

Dr. Ambedkar International Airport (Nagpur)

One of the major airports of Maharashtra is situated in Nagpur, around 8 km from the city center. Till October 2005, the airport was catering only to the domestic travelers. But since then, it has also started operating a few international flights, the first being the Air Arabia of Sharjah. Presently, the airport operates international flights to Sharjah and Bangkok.

Kolhapur Airport

Kolhapur Airport is around 9 km away from the heart of the city. Spread over an area of approximately 180 acres, the airport has been catering to only domestic carriers till date. You will get regular flights to all the major parts of India, from this airport.

Sholapur Airport

Another major domestic airport of Maharashtra is situated at Sholapur. The airport has not started international flights yet and still operates domestic carriers only. However, you can get direct as well as regular flights to all the key cities in India from here.

Best Time to Visit Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit : October to February

Maharashtra is counted amongst those states in India that are visited by tourists in large numbers. Be it the beaches of the state or its revered temple and shrines or its magnificent historical monuments, travelers love coming here and spending their holidays. It is quite obvious that they would like to come at a time when the weather conditions are at their best. From this point of view, the best time to visit Maharashtra comes out to be the period between October and February.

By this time, the summer season is far behind and even monsoons have already poured themselves like cats and dogs. So, you will neither have to worry about the scorching heat of the sun nor about the sticky humidity that is the usual after-effect of rains. By October, the climate is very pleasant, making it the ideal time to visit the state. By the end of November, winters set in and last somewhere around mid-February.

Even after that, the pleasant spell of the weather continues till early March, thus making the period of October to February, the peak season for Maharashtra travel. Unlike the northern parts of India, even during winters, the weather in Maharashtra is chilly, but not extremely cold. So, it is advisable for you to carry light woolens with you. What are you waiting for guys? Just pack your bags with some woolens and get ready to bid adieu to your city for a few days!

Maharashtra Cuisine

The people of Maharashtra equate anna (food) with Lord Brahma. They believe that feeding a hungry person is like feeding Lord Brahma. No wonder their traditional food tastes so delicious that it seems to satisfy your appetite as well as soul. The warm hospitality extended by the people of the state adds to the taste of the food. The cuisine of Maharashtra is largely based on the crops that are grown in and around its various regions. Grated coconut is a very common ingredient, used in most of dishes made by Maharashtrians.

However, their main medium of cooking is peanut oil. Infact, they make extensive use of peanuts and cashew nuts in their vegetables. Kokum, a deep purple berry that gives a sweet-cum-sour taste, is also a very popular ingredient used in Maharashtra cuisine. One of the most popular dishes of the state is bharlivangi (small brinjals stuffed with coconut). As for sweet dishes, people of Maharashtra love puran poli. It is basically a kind of bread (roti), with rich stuffing of a sweet mixture of jaggery and gram flour.

Even Shreekhand, sweetened curd with the flavor of cardamom and saffron, is liked by almost all Maharashtrians. However, on a more generic basis, we can say that the traditional food of Maharashtra is known for its subtle variety and strong flavor. Maharashtrians pay as much attention to the presentation of the food as its preparation. In the traditional families of the state, the family members as well as guests sit on the floor rugs or red wooden seats for eating the food. The cutlery for eating as well as serving the meal is either that of silver or metal.

A short decorative table, known as 'chowrang', is kept in format of every person and it is on this table that thalis (plates) as well as the katoris (bowls) are kept. In the earlier times, the area around chowrang or the thali used to be decorated with rangoli designs. Since the meals comprise of a number of courses, each person is given a bowl of water, scented with saffron. He dips his fingers in the bowl after every course, to ensure that its flavor doesn't get mixed with the next.

Even the courses, comprising of curries, vegetables, rice or rotis, savories and sweets, are not served haphazardly. There is a particular order that has to be followed in serving these dishes. A person who doesn't know the order of serving various courses is considered a bad host by the people of Maharashtra. Last but not the least; ambience is also paid much attention. Some people even burn incense in their house to make the guest feel welcome.

How to Reach Maharashtra

Maharashtra is located in the western part of India and is today, counted amongst the industrially advanced states of the country. Being home to important cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, etc, the state has gained international recognition. Combine this with the fact that Maharashtra has a number of magnificent tourist attractions to boast of and we get the reason why the state is so popular amongst tourists.

Obviously, the tourists would like to get information on how to reach Maharashtra i.e., the various means of traveling to the state. The location of Maharashtra is such that it is accessible by all the four modes of transportation - air, rail, road and sea. Thus, getting to the state is by no means, a difficult task. To make visitors understand the methods of reaching the state, we have provided complete information on the same, in the lines given below.

By Air

There is basically one major international airport in Maharashtra i.e. the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai. Apart from that, the city also has a domestic airport - Santa Cruz Domestic Airport. The airports at Nagpur and Pune also operate a few international flights, apart from the usual domestic ones. The cities of Kolhapur and Aurangabad also have a domestic airport of their own.

By Rail

The largest as well as the most important railway station of Maharashtra is situated in Mumbai and is known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. From there, you can get trains to almost every part of India. Apart from that, there are railway stations in Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, AMravati, etc. In short, Maharashtra is well connected with the other states via railways.

By Road

There are a number of National Highways and State Highways crisscrossing Maharashtra, which make it easier for any visitor to visit the state by road. Infact, through these highways, you can easily approach the state from any and every part of the country. Apart from that, you can easily get buses and taxis from the numerous cities in Maharashtra to travel within as well as outside the state.

By Sea

Since a number of cities in Maharashtra are situated on sea banks, you can also go there via ship from the neighboring countries. Apart from the international naval port at Mumbai, there are a number of other minor ports in the state. Thus, reaching Maharashtra by presents no problems for the tourists

Maharashtra Languages

Official Language : Marathi

Maharashtra is counted amongst the coastal cities of India and has been gifted with natural beauty in abundance. Combine this with the architectural splendor of the state and voila, you have the perfect answer to why the state is so popular amongst Indian as well as foreign tourists. If you are going to a new place, especially if it's in a foreign country, it is better to be prepared with all the information regarding it, right from the weather to location to languages spoken there.

It will help you avoid a number of problems. As far as Maharashtra is concerned, the official language is Marathi. Infact, this language is spoken by the majority of population living in the state. In the bigger cities of Maharashtra (like Mumbai, Pune, etc), where the populace has acquired cosmopolitan nature, Hindi and English are counted amongst the major languages. Along with this, people are also found speaking Gujarati and Urdu. You can also find a number of dialects spoken in the state, which differ as you move from one region to another.

For instance, in the northwest parts of Maharashtra, Ahirani dialect is spoken. As you move the south Konkan, you will hear many people speaking in Malvani - a dialect of Konkani. Then, in the Desh region of the Deccan Plateau, you will come across people speaking in Deshi. Even the Varhadi dialect can be heard from the people of Vidarbha region. However, whatever be region that you visit or the language that you hear, the hospitality offered by the people of Maharashtra will remain the same, now and always!

Local Transport in Maharashtra

The main purpose of going on a vacation to any place is to roam around, go on sightseeing trips and have fun. However, for moving around in a state, or for that matter even a city, you need to know about the modes of local transport that are available there. Unless and until you are planning to drive down there in your car, you are bound to become dependent on the public transportation. At the same time, moving around this way helps in knowing much more about the place, its people as well as its culture. Keeping this in mind, we have provided information on the forms of local transportation that are available within the state.


There is a railway junction, whether small or large, in the majority of cities in Maharashtra. Through these trains, you can easily travel from one city to the other. Apart from that, some of the cities in Maharashtra, like Mumbai, have their own suburban railway network, through which people can move from one locality to the other. However, you will have to make yourself used to the heavy rush at railway stations.


State-transport as well as private buses run throughout the length and breadth of Maharashtra. You can get local buses, semi-deluxe buses, deluxe buses, and so on, for traveling to one city from the other. Local buses are also available for covering short distances within the city.


Taxis are easily available in Maharashtra, for going from one city to the other as well as for traveling within the city. However, make sure to either go by meter or to fix the fare in advance. In the latter case, bargaining will help you reach a justified cost.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rickshaws are the perfect for moving over short distances, in the city itself. Infact, if you are in group of three-four, it is much better to hire an auto rickshaw. Most of the auto rickshaws in Maharashtra go by meter. However, if they are not willing to go by meter, ask the fare in advance and make sure to bargain a little.

Location of Maharashtra

Location : Western Part of India

Maharashtra is situated in the western part of India and covers the entire Deccan region. With an area of approximately 308,000 sq km (119,000 sq miles), it claims the distinction of being counted amongst the largest states of India. The state stands bounded by Chhattisgarh in the east, Madhya Pradesh in the north, Karnataka in the south, Goa in the southwest, Andhra Pradesh in the southeast and Gujarat in the northwest. Situated in between Maharashtra and Gujarat is the Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

The mighty Arabian Sea makes up the west coast of Maharashtra. Running parallel to this coast are the Sahyadri Hills, also known as the Western Ghats, which rise upto the height of 1,200 meters (4,000 feet). To the east of the ghats lies the Deccan Plateau. On the other hand, the Konkan coastal plains are situated to their west and boast of a width of 50-80 kilometers. Western Ghats are one of the three watersheds of India and it is from here that most of the rivers in South India have found their origin.

Even Godavari River and Krishna River flow from there and go till the Bay of Bengal. A number of small rivers also originate from the ghats, and go towards west, ultimately emptying into the Arabian Sea. In the eastern side of the state, one can find the Vainganga, rushing towards the Bay of Bengal. The plateau of Maharashtra is made up of black basalt soil, which is quite rich in humus and is the best suited for cotton cultivation. Wait no more! Just come to Maharashtra and explore the state on your own.

Maharashtra Weather

Main Seasons : Summers, Winters and Monsoons

Maharashtra is situated in the western part of India and this location has accorded the state with a tropical monsoon type of climate. Thus, the main season experienced by it comprise of hot, rainy and cold i.e. summer season, monsoon season and winter season. The tropical conditions that are prevalent all over Maharashtra have a similar effect on its hill stations also. Though they are colder than the other cities in the state, the winters there are not extremely cold (like the hill stations in northern part of India). In the following lines, we have provided complete information on the weather of Maharashtra.


Summer season in Maharashtra sets somewhere around the month of March and till May, the temperatures are at their highest. However, the occasional thunderstorms are what bring relief from the scorching sun. During this time, the average temperature remains in the range of 22 deg C to 40 deg C.


The areas in and around Maharashtra usually experience the onset of monsoon before the northern cities. By the first week of June, monsoon arrives in the city and starts retreating somewhere in the month of September. However, the maximum rainfall is received by the state in July, followed by August.


In the month of October, the weather in Maharashtra is quite pleasant. It is around November that the chill starts setting in. Till February, the state experiences winter season, characterized by clear skies, gentle breezes and pleasant weather. The usual temperature around this time is somewhere between 12 deg C to 25 deg C.


Maharashtra experiences a decent spell of rainfall every year. The maximum rain is received by Konkan, Sahyadrian and eastern Vidarbha region, while the central region receives less rainfall. For example - the annual average rainfall in Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts is around 200cm. On the other hand, cities like Nasik, Pune, Ahmednagar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Satara, Sangli, Solapur and parts of Kolhapur receive less than 50 cm rainfall every year.

What to Wear in Maharashtra

Maharashtra experiences a tropical monsoon climate, in which there are three seasons - summers, winters and monsoons. If you want to known what clothes to wear in the state, the first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the weather. Thereafter, you will have to check out the particular city in Maharashtra that you will be visiting. Only after defining both the aspects will you able to decide how to dress up in Maharashtra.

In case you are going to Maharashtra in summers, remember that the mercury touches 40 deg C quite easily. Therefore, you are required to carry light cotton clothing with you. Synthetic and clingy fabrics are a strict no-no. By any chance if you happen to visit the state in monsoons, remember that most of the cities here experience high levels of humidity during this time. Thus, it is advisable to avoid figure hugging clothes and better to stick to loose cottons.

Winters in Maharashtra are chilly, but not freezing cold. However, you must carry light woolen clothing with you, including sweaters, shawls, socks, etc. Now, let's come to the place you are visiting. In bigger cities, like Mumbai and Pune, women can easily wear figure hugging and short, revealing clothes, especially while visiting pubs and discothèques. However, in small cities like Amravati, they should stick to a bit loose and completely covering clothes.

This is because too tight or too revealing clothes might hurt the sensibilities of the people who live there. Care should be taken while dressing up for places like temples, gurdwaras, etc. If you can wear Indian suits to such places, nothing like it! Otherwise, stick to jeans and t-shirts. You can also wear ankle length skirts, but no shorts please (even guys). Just keep these small points in mind and we can assure you that your trip will be as smooth as possible.

Shopping in Maharashtra

Apart from visiting the numerous tourist attractions, shopping is the only other significant factor that adds to the excitement of a person while visiting a new place. Almost all of us buy something, whether for ourselves or to take back home as souvenirs or gifts, whenever we go to a new destination. The tourists coming to Maharashtra are no exception to this fact. However, the best part is that the state offers such a wide variety of shopping places as well as shopping items that you will get tired, but the list will not end.

There are so many cities in Maharashtra and almost every city offers a shopping item, which is unique from the others and speaks volumes about its culture. In Kolhapur, you will find the popular Kolhapuri Chappals (leather slippers). Then, there are the beautiful Kolhapuri sarees and typical Kolhapuri jewelry, comprising of ornaments like mohanmal, bormal, chaplahar, kolhapuri saaj, pohehar and putlihar, thushi, etc. Aurangabad is known for himroo shawls, mashroo and kimkhab weaves, and the stunning paithani silk sarees.

As you move to Nashik, you will find wide varieties of brass statues and beaded necklaces, not to forget excellent jewelry. The cities of Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai are known for providing an assortment of shopping items to the shoppers, right from clothes and jewelry to accessories, footwear and even bags. In Nagpur, Sitabuldi, WHC Road, Dharampeth Road, Residency Road (Sadar) and Chhindwara Road are the places where you will find the maximum shops as well as the maximum variety in shopping items.

Right from flea market stuff to branded and designer wear, Pune and Mumbai shopping markets offer all. In Pune, Deccan Gymkhana, Laxmi Road, M.G. Road, Fashion Street, Koregaon Park and Fergusson College Road are the best shopping markets. When in Mumbai, Crawford Market, Fashion Street, Zaveri Bazar, Chor Bazaar, Hutatama Chowk, Juhu Road, Linking Road, Cuffe Parade, Breach Candy and Kemps Corner are the places to shop at. So, just go and shop to your heart's content!


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