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National Parks & Sanctuaries in Maharashtra

Sanjay Gandhi, Borovali (Mumbai Suburban Dist), Gugamal, Melghat(Amravati), Navegaon,Nagzira (Gondia), Pench (Nagpur), Tadoba,Andhari (Chandrapur), Bhimashankar, Mayureshwar (Pune), Tansa, Malshejghat (Thane), Bor (Wardha), Sangli, Chandoli, Sagareshwar (Sangli), Chaprala (Gadchiroli), Sagareshwar (Sangli), Chaprala (Gadchiroli), Gautala, Paithan (Aurangabad), Kalsubai, Rehekuri (Ahmadnagar), Koyna (Satara), Katepurna, Narnala (Akola), Nandur-Madhmeshwar (Nashik), Penganga, Tipeshwar (Yawatmal), Phansad, Karnala (Raigad), Radhanagari (Kolhapur), Pal(Jalgaon), Malvan (Sindhudurg), Ramling (Osmanabad), Naygaon (Beed), Amba Barva,Dyanganga (Buldana).

Wildlife Parks in Maharashtra

Wild life parks in Maharashtra are home for a large number of animals and bird species, like the tiger, Crocodile, Bison, Gawa, Neelgai, Wild Deer, Sambar and rare migratory birds. Maharashtra has taken adequate steps towards setting up many wildlife parks and sanctuaries to protect these regions and promote them as tourist attractions. We have splendid opportunities to see a variety of wildlife in a spectacularly natural setting due to these parks.

Maharashtra is rich in natural beauty and is a paradise for nature lovers. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife parks within the state, having a wide range of vegetation. These wildlife parks are equipped with jeep rides, night safaris, comfortable accommodation and efficient transport. They can turn out to be your favorite holiday destinations. They offer an outstanding opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat. Apart from the existing wildlife sanctuaries, steps are taken by the state government to set up many new sanctuaries and parks.

Tadoba National Park

This park was set up in 1955 in Chandrpur district and is spread over an area of 116.55sq.km. The nearest town is Chandrapur which is 45km from the park and also serves as the rail head. The airport nearest to this park is Sonegaon, Nagpur 208km from the park.

The park is covered with deciduous forests featuring teak around Tadoba lake. The fauna consists of leopard, leopard cat, pangolin, tiger, panther, sloth bear, gaur, sambar, cheetah, nilgai, chinkara, crocodile, Python and Bengal monitor lizard.
A motorable road goes round the artificial Tadoba lake. It has few rest houses. The best months for visiting the park are November to June.

Panch National Park

Set up in the year 1975, the Panch National Park is situated in the district of Nagpur 64km away from the park. Sonegaon, Nagpur is the nearest airport to visit the park.

The fauna of the park consist of tiger, panther, gaur, sloth bear, barking deer, chital, sambar, four-horned antelope, nilgai, chinkara, jungle fowl and peafowl. The ideal time for visiting the park is April-May.

Nawegaon National Park

Established in 1975, the Nawegaon National Park is situated in Bhandara district in an area of 134sq.km. The nearest town is Gondia 100km from the park. The nearest airport is Nagpur, 30km from the park and the railhead is Deolgaon, one km away from the park.

The fauna consist of leopard, tiger panther, sloth bear, fishing cat, four horned antelope, sambar, nilgai, python, peafowl and migratory birds. There is a lake in the park which attracts a large number of migratory birds during the period from January to April.

May and December are the best months for visiting the park.

Gugumal National Park

This park is spread over an area of 361sq.km in the district of Amaravati. The nearest airport is Sonegaon (Nagpur) about 200km from the park. The railhead is Badnera at a distance of 124km. The nearest bus-station is Paratwada, 60km from the park The vegetation of the park is of dry deciduous type.

The mammals found in the park are leopard, panther, tiger, sloth bear, fishing cat four horned antelope, sambar, barking deer, wild beer, cheetah etc. Python is also found. The bird life is plentiful.

The best season for visiting the park is from March to June.

Nagzira Wild Life Sanctuary

Another wildlife sanctuary which is known for its verdant hills and dales, where the fauna offers a mesmerising blaze of colours, is the Nagzira

Wild Life Sanctuary. Ambling around in these idyllic environs is the sloth bear, tiger four horned antelope, the Bluebull, Chital, Barking Deer, Bison and the Panther. Besides these sanctuaries are alive with the Chirruping of the colourful and varied birds.

The Dajipur Bison Sanctuary

The jungle resort of Dajipur is situated on the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts, near the backwaters of the Radhanagari dam. Surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests, this secluded area is completely cut-off from human habitation. A home to bison, wild Deers, Chital, Gawa and many more spectacular wild animals and birds, Dajipur is an exciting and beautiful holiday getaway. An excursion to the nearby Gagangiri Maharaj's Math makes for a pleasant outing.

Mahim Nature Park

The Mahim Nature Park is situated near Dharavi, Asia's largest slum. The park is sprawled over an area of 450 acres, established with an aim to preserve the natural beauty and estuarine ecosystem of the region. The streams of the park allow the bird and marine life to flourish and the saline marsh land shaded by the Mangroves provide home to a number of animals.

The Mahim Nature Park is an educational park set up by Shanta Chatterji, a busy corporate lawyer and the chairperson of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

The Karnala bird sanctuary is situated near Mumbai on a highpoint. It is a favorite weekend destination for the people who love birdwatching. Here you can spot birds like sunbirds, drongoes, orioles and babblers. Apart from these, you can also see colorful local birds along with occasional male paradise flycatcher having an unusual silvery-white tail.

One can also see troops of monkeys and herds of deer in the sanctuary. Panther is also found here but they are rarely seen. The MTDC provides proper accommodation facilities for a nice stay over here.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

The Melghat Tiger Reserve is situated in the beautiful Satpura ranges. It is located in the Tehsil of Amravati district of Maharashtra. Animals found here are Tiger, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Wild Dog, Gaur, Sambar, Nilgai, Barking Deer, four-horned antelope and wild boar. Besides, there are 113 species of birds found here. The reserve has a rich vegetation that is worth watching. The MTDC organizes exciting Vidharba jungle safari, which takes you through Navegaon, Nagzira and Ramtak.

Borivili Widlife Park

The Borivili Wildlife Park is sprawled over an area of 104 sq. km and is a respite from the hustle and bustle of the cities. This park is a popular place among the picnickers, nature, bird and wildlife lovers. This park looks picturesque with fresh streams, lush greenery and flowering silk cotton trees.

The mini train of the park will take you around the enchanting park. There is also a lake with beautiful lotus flowers on the Dahisar River, where you can enjoy boating.

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is sprawled over an area of 100 sq km. Rich in flora and fauna, the park has a wide range of wildlife including animals like leopards, sambars, barking deers, wild boars, Hanuman langurs and Rhesus macaques. The sanctuary is flanked by Jyotivanti trees, which glow in the dark during monsoon. They add to the appeal of the mist laden chilly atmosphere. The park also has many temples and forts in the nearby areas, which are worth visiting

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Amaravati district of Maharashtra and forms one of the popular excursions from the Amravati city. The sanctuary forms a part of the sole hill station of the Vidarbha region, characterized by beautiful lakes, serene lakes and cascading waterfalls.

Katraj Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park is one of the popular conservation parks of India, situated on the Pune-Satara Highway. It is known for housing a significant population of snakes, birds, turtles, reptiles, etc. Situated at a distance of approximately 8 km from the Pune city of Maharashtra, the park was established in 1986


Pavnar comes under the Wardha district and lies right on the edge of the Dham River. It is significant from historical point of view and is counted amongst the most prehistoric colonies in the district. Pavnar, which lies around 65 km from Nagpur, is known for Gandhi Kuti and the Paramdham Ashram of Vinobaji.


Khekranala, located amidst the Khapra range forests of Maharashtra, is situated approximately 55 km from the heart of Nagpur. One of the major attractions of this place comprises of a magnificent dam, located in picturesque surroundings. The lush greenery of Khekranala, combined with its pristine locales and wholesome environment, draws tourists from various parts of the state.



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