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Hill Stations in Maharashtra

As the state of Maharashtra is the Home of Sahydri Mountains, the state has many appealing hill stations. The Britishers founded most of these hill stations during their colonial era to beat the scorching heat. But the beauty and the charming glory are still alive in these hill stations. The Western Ghats, which form a part of the Sahydri range, has also lots of beautiful hill stations.

Hill stations of Maharashtra not only attract the foreign tourists but also Indian domestic tourists, which are exhausted with the fast urban life. Popular hill stations of Maharashtra are Matheran, Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Panchagani, Bhandardara, Malshej Ghat, Amboli, Chikhaldara Panhala, Panchgani, Sawantwadi, Toranmal, and Jawahar. It is said that each hill station of Maharashtra has unique characteristic and its closeness to a city makes it very popular.

Amboli Hill Station

Amboli is located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This hill station is at an altitude of 690m above the sea level. Having dense forests and steep mountains, Amboli is the last hill resort before the coastal plains begin in the southern ranges of the Sahyadri Hills. The hilltop Amboli gives a fine bird's-eye view of the Konkan coast. Colonel Westrop, who was a British political agent, developed Amboli as a hill station after the opening of the Ghat Road from the coastal town of Vengurla, now in southern Maharashtra, to Belgaum.

Receiving nearly 750 centimeters (269 inches) of rainfall per year, this hill station is the wettest place in Maharashtra. Amboli is one of the few hill stations of Maharashtra from where one can see the sea. This hill station is totally swathed with cloud during rainy season.

Hiranyakeshi Temple, Nagarta falls, Hiranya Keshi, Mahadev Gad and Narayangad are the important places to visit in this hill station. Nearest airport is Belgaum, (64 km), while nearest railway station is Sawantwadi at 28 km on the Konkan Railway. One can stay at government resorts.


Bhandardara is located at a distance of 70 km from Nashik. It is a small and peaceful area. This hill station is popular for fun loving and picnic lovers. Radha Falls, a deep valley, a clean and large Arthur Lake, a historical Ratangadh Fort, an ancient temple - Amritheshwar Temple, a peaceful Agasti Rishi Ashram, Wilson Dam also known as Bhandardara Dam, and Viewpoints are the important destinations at Bhandarda. It also has a trekking destination - Mount Kalusubai.

The largest earthen dam in the country and one of the oldest dams in Asia, Wilson Dam or Bhandardara Dam is at Bhandardara. The height of the dam is nearly 150 m. The overflowing water makes the Umbrella Falls, which is a picturesque sight during the monsoon season.

There is also a lake with serene beauty called Arthur Lake. One can also visit the site from where the lake originates at Pravara River. Streamlets from this lake flow down to 45m heights at Randha Falls. Not only a heart catching scenic spot, these falls also serves as a hydropower generation. Agasti Rishi Ashram is on the bank of the Pravara River, which attracts huge crowds. One can also visit Amriteshwar Temple at Bhandardara.

Bhandardara is most suited to visit after the monsoon season as its beauty emerges only after the rains. Nearest Airport is Nashik at (93 km), nearest railway station is Igatpuri at (45 km).


Chikhaldara is in Amaravatio district of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is believed that its name is derived from Keechaka. This hill station is the only hill station, which offers the tourists lots of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls in the Vidharba region.

Chikhaldara is situated at an altitude of 1,118 m. This place is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is full of deep valleys, and these valleys are full of velvet mist and majestic trees. Abundance of natural scenery, exciting wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and placid lake make the hill station a perfect site for summer retreat.

Popular as the Melghat Tiger Project and Dhakana-Kolkaz National Park, this station has wildlife like panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar, and wild dogs. Tourists can also enjoy the panoramic view of this hill resort from Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, and Devi Point.

Gawilgad and Narnala fort, Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, Tribal Museum and Semadoh Lake are other destinations of this hill station. Chikaldhara's cool breezy climate makes it an excellent place to repose in summer.

Nearest airport is Akola (150 km), while nearest railway station is Badnera (110 km). Nearest bus depot is in Amravathi (100 km). Accommodation is available at Chikhaldara.


Jawhar hill station is in Thane district of Maharashtra. Gifted with exotic valleys, thick rich forests and pleasant climate, Jawhar offers dofferent type of enjoyment comparing to other hill stations of Maharashtra.

Jawhar is popular for its lively Warli paintings. This hill station is one of the few tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra. Tourists can visit Jai Vilas, the Palace of the tribal lords that offers a unique opportunity to expose and enlighten with the tribal way of life. Bhupatgad relics are also worth a visit.

Dadar Kopra Falls, Hanuman Temple and Sunset Points are the other attractions of Jawhar. Jawhar is also known as the Mahabaleshwar of Thane District. Shirpamal, where Shivaji Maharaj camped on his way to Surat is near Jawhar. Nearest airport is at Nashik (80 km), while nearest railway station is at Igatpuri (61 km).

Lonavala And Khandala

Locating at an altitude of 625m, Lonavala and Khandala are famous for its beautiful hills, deep green valleys, huge lakes, historic forts and waterfalls etc. These two hill stations are at the Sahyadris Mountains of Maharashtra.

Lonavala and Khandala have magnificent waterfalls that give a heart catching view during monsoon. Tourists can plan their trip together with Karla, Bhaja, and Bedsa caves, which are very near from Lonavala. This hill station is also known as the 'Jewel of Sahydri', because of its nature's gifted of beautiful valleys, hills, milky waterfalls, lush greenery, and pleasant cool winds.

Khandala is smaller than Lonavala and relatively calmer. It is known to be the pride of the Sahyadri Mountains. Beautiful waterfall amidst green environment is really splendid to see. The place refreshes the exhausted tourists. Tugauli, Lonavala, Bhushi and Valvan Lake are the important lakes of this hill station.

Nearest airport is situated at Pune (64 km). Lonavala and Khandala are 104 km from Mumbai and 64 km from Pune on the Mumbai-Pune highway.


Mahabaleshwar is also known as the Queen of all Hill Stations. This hill station is situated at an altitude of 1,372m in the heart of Sahyadri Hills in Satara District. Its name is derived from a Lord Mahadev temple and three Sanskrit words, Maha (great), Bal (power) and Ishwar (God). Some people also relate the name with mythological past as the name 'Mahabaleshwar' means mighty God.

British developed this place as their pastime destination to beat the heat. Looking down from Mahabaleshwar, one can see a panoramic view of the sea and the valley. Mahabaleshwar is regarded to be the best holiday spot in Maharashtra in terms of climate, excursions, sports, and other activities.

Lingmala Waterfalls is one of the most enthralling sights in Mahabaleshwar. Dhobi waterfall point is another attraction of the hill station. Wilson Point or Sunrise point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. One can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunrise here. Bombay Point in the point where one can see the best of sunset in Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar has 30 exotic viewpoints that provide the visitors for a spectacular access to the ultimate in fascinating landscapes. Connaught Peak And Hunter Point, Venna Lake, Elphinston, Marjorie And Savitri Points, Arthur's Point, Babington Point, Lodwick Point, Kate's Point, Arthur's Seat, Krishna Temple, Hanuman Mandir, Panchgani, Tapola and Pratapgad Fort are som eof the important sites of Mahabaleshwar.

Malshej Ghat

Malshejghat is in Pune, Maharashtra. This hill station is known for its special attraction for trekkers, hikers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Malshejghat is at an altitude of 700m above the sea level. Malshejghat is a beautiful hill station with wooded countryside and colourful bird and animal, rugged mountains, historic forts, high-plateau forest houses, resorts and sanctuaries and venerated rivers all around.

Comes under the patio of the Western Ghats, Malshejghat's Flamingo Hill Resort and sanctuary draws large number of trekkers and mini-adventure tourists. Misty hills, placid monsoon lakes and cool, fragrant forests surround this hill resort. Green forest environment and the placid monsoon lakes, which is the home for orange and white flamingos, are the main attractions for Malshejghat.

Shivenri Fort - the birthplace of King Shivaji, Buddhist caves (of 3rd century), Harishchandraghadh, Ozar and Lenyadri, Ganesh Temples, Shiva Temple, Bhima River are in and around Malshejghat.

Nearest airport is Mumbai (154 km), while nearest railway station is at Kalyan. It is 154 km away from, 164 km from Pune. One can stay at Flamingo Hill Resort and government resorts at Malshejghat.


Matheran is an important hill station of Maharashtra as it is the closest one to Mumbai and Pune. This 800m high hill station is located in Alibagh district of Maharashtra. It is appealing to have a view of the valleys from this green and calm hill station. One can also see Mumbai from Hart Point. Such viewings are most suitable on clean and unclouded days.

The exhausted tourists from nearby Mumbai and Pune cities take a break here to breathe fresh air. Vehicles are banned in Matheran that makes the journey to this hill station so adventurous. It also makes the place so quiet, serene and peaceful. The journey includes an adventurous two-hour joyride in a toy train.

Louisa Point, Panorama Point and Little Chouk Point have fantastic views. Tourists can also visit Charlotte Lake, Parsi and Hindu cemeteries. Adventurous trekkers may go to Byron Garbutt point, Panorama Point. Nearest airport is at Mumbai (100 km), while nearest railway station is at Neral (21 km).


Panchgani is in Satara district of Maharashtra. One can see the Krishna River on one side and the coastal plain on the other. This hill station lies at an altitude of 1,334m above the sea level. Panchgani is far from the noise and hustle-bustle of cities. One can reach the hill station from Mahabaleshwar on Pune road.

Tourists can plan for nature walks through jungle, thickly covered with lush trees and vegetation. Krishna River flows through tiny hamlets, farms and ravines. Table Land is an important site at Panchgani, which is a flat mountain peak giving a miniature view of the coastal plains.

There is also an enjoyable water sports centre called Tapola. Sydney Point, Rajapuri Caves, Kartikswamin Temple, Parsi Point, Pandav-Ghat, Mandharodeo Kanga point and Kachhabavdi point are other attractions at Panchgani.

Nearest airport is Pune at 160 km from Panchagani, while Pune is the most convenient railway station. Panchgani is only 18 km from Mahabaleshwar. It can also be easily reach by road from Mumbai and Pune.


Located at an altitude of 3177 feet and 18 km away from Kolhapur, Panhala is a scenic hill station and quite popular among tourists. The place houses famous Panhala fort which has great acquaintance with Maratha Empire. As is known about Maratha king Shivaji, who never spent too many days at a place, this was the only place where he had spent more than one and half years of his life.

Panhala was the capital city of Maratha state until 1782 but later on after Maratha –British war it came to British Empire. The largest fort of the Deccan region is built on outlaying of Sahyadri range of mountains. Situated 400 meters above the plane Panhala fort is considered the safest forte in the region for its location. About its historical developments and chronology, the fort was built between 1178 and 1209 AD. Initially it was the headquarter for Shilahara ruler Bhoja II. Later on Yadav kings occupied it. It got full appraisal during the time of Bahamani kingdom of Bidar.

In early sixteenth century Panhala had become the part of Bijapur kingdom. Bijapur kings helped to make the fort more concrete and they got its gates and other parts rebuilt. Great Maratha guerrilla fighter Shivaji unsuccessfully raided this fort in the year 1659. Finally in the year 1673 he got success over invading the fort. Later on Mughal emperor Aurangzeb occupied the fort. Maratha tried to recapture but could not do too much.

The fort is historical evidence of the event when the Mughal Emperor received the English Ambassador Sir William Norris. British took over the fort after a local rebellion in 1844. The fortification of the fort is amazing. Long sections by steep escarpments protect the walls of the fort. Parapet slit holes make insiders know about the danger outside –an excellent defense. The remaining sections have 5-9 m high ramparts, strengthened by round bastions.


Locating at the Sahyadri Mountains at an altitude of 690m above the sea level, Sawantwadi hill station offers hours of fun to visitors. This hill station is in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Hiranya Keshi Nagarta Falls and Narayangad are the major attractions for picnicking at Sawantwadi. The palace of Maharaja of Sawantwadi is still in a good condition, and it is worth visiting. Laquerware, wooden toys, and artificial fruit making are the items, which are in demand.

Other attractive places are the Moti Lake, Narendra Park, and the Narendra hill. Besides this, Vithal temple, Hanuman temple, and Raghunath market are the places to be seen. Nearest airport is Belgaum at 64 km, while nearest railway station is Sawantwadi at 28 km on Konkan Railway. Hotels are available at Sawantwadi and Amboli.


Toranmal is at Satpura Hills in Akrani Taluka of Nandarpur district in Maharashtra. This hill station lies at an altitude of 1461m above the sea level. The surroundings of the Toranmal plateau are cool and greenery. Because of its serene beauty and quietness in nature, it is a perfect place for those who wish to take a break from the noisy environment of the cities.

Yashvant Lake is a beautiful natural lake of Toranmal, which is also worth to be visited. Among other temples, Gorakhnath Temple and Nagarjun Temple are the important ones in Toranmal. Thousands of devotees attend a fair of the Gorakhnath on the Maha Shivaratri day, which celebrates in March or April. People from adjoining districts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat attend this fair.

Sitakhai; Khadki point, Machindra Gumpha, Sunset point and Kamal Talao are the other attractions on Toranmal. Khadki and Seetalhai are the places for trekkers.

Nearest Airport is at Aurangabad (290 km), while nearest railway station is at Nandurbar (76 km). Another railway station is at Dhule (128 km). Government rest house and resorts are available at Toranmal.



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