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Gearing Up
Setting off on a trip means you’re open for change…but it is always better to be prepared for what is coming. These are a few reminders and suggestions that will make sure you get the best travel experience.


Clothes in Your Luggage
Carry clothes that are not very heavy or bulky. Keep a pair of shorts, swimming costume and a t-shirt for adventure or beach sports, Ladies are advised to wear punabi dress for convenience, Normal Socks – two pairs, spare undergarments

For winter touring or at hill stations
One pair of thermal inners ,Woolen, Light Jacket, Muffler/ monkey cap, Woolen Socks. In rainy season it is advised that you carry your own poncho.


  • Sports Shoes or snickers for both women and men.
  • Toiletries - Shaving kit, Pocket knife, Sun Screen, Lip Guard or Balm.
  • Hand Sanitizer, Toothpaste and tooth brush, Moisturizer and cold cream.
  • Liquid soap and shampoo, Paper tissue or hand towel, A roll of toilet paper.
  • Medical Kit - Anti septic skin cream, Velbet skin cream, Asprin / anti vomit.
  • Small bottle of dettol, Medicine for cough and cold, Bandage and cotton, generic antihistamine for allergy attacks, generic painkiller, Any other personal medication.
  • UV goggles ,Cap / Hat, Towel, Slippers or floaters, nylon rope.
  • PHOTO IDENTITY CARD for traveling in train or airline.

Important Tips

  • Trolley bag & sack are preferred during travelling.
  • Flash light and spare Batteries, Ziploc bags for cameras while travelling in rain.
  • Camera with spare battery and memory, matches / lighter.
  • Spike Guard for mobile / camera charging.
  • Drink plenty of fluid, Eat good food.
  • Avoid Alcohol and smoking.
  • While on sightseeing trips ask the drivers for best place to eat on your way.
  • Always drink packaged drinking water.

Tips About International Travel

  • Passport - Valid passport for at least 6 months from return date of your journey.
  • Visa - Basic bank documents like 06 months bank statements – other financial documents vary as per country you plan to visit..please contact our office for latest updates on documents list for visas.
  • Medical – your prescribed medicines with doctors prescription can be carried along with you…some medicines from India are banned in other countries..please contact our office for details.
  • Fitness – normal fitness level is required for travelers to cope with jet lag & sightseeing activities…for specific travel destinations…requirement of physical fitness increases for specific tours namely, jungle safaris, trekking.etc
  • Luggage - it is recommended that you travel light & clothes can be carried as per the seasons prevailing in the country during your visit…there are size & weight restrictions of luggage by airlines…please contact our office for details.
  • Law – you are bound by the law of country in which you are visiting..it is entirely your responsibility to follow the local laws, customs & traditions.
  • Travel insurance – it is recommended that you carry your travel insurance covering your days of travel outside of India.
  • Safety & Security – all the destinations we suggest are safe for tourist to travel..although it is recommended you remain alert during your stay…for any mishaps company will not be responsible.
  • Foreign Exchange – please ensure you carry sufficient amount of foreign currency as per country of your visit & as per rules of RBI…please contact our office for further details.
  • Food – at almost all the places Indian food is available, though at some places you will have to adjust according to international or local cuisine.
  • Air lines – you need to follow the timings given by airlines for check in & immigration procedure.
  • Immigration – immigration is done every time when you leave or enter any country…at entry & exit ports.
  • Customs – every country has its own rules for customs…its advisable to check those rules before bringing items in or out of country.


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Gearing Up
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