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Belgaum –Gokarna - Jog Falls – Murudeshwara - Hubli  ( 04 Night - 05 Days )
Belgaum : ( 1 Night ) – Gokarna : ( 2 Nights ) – Murudeshwara : ( 1 Night )

Day 1 : Belgaum
Arrive at Belgaum. Transfer to hotel. Belgaum is also known by the name `Malendu` (Rain Country). Belgaum town lies at the foothills of the Western Ghats which is responsible for the lush vegetation in the area. The scenic beauty of Belgaum and its surroundings has significantly improved the tourism industry. After fresh up, proceed for local sightseeing. Visit Navilthirtha, Kamala Basti, Varapoha Falls, Belgaum Fort. Evening back to hotel & stay overnight at Belgaum
Day 2 : Belgaum – Gokarna (208 Kms. / 5 Hrs.)
After breakfast, proceed your way to Gokarna. Transfer to hotel. After fresh up, proceed to visit the Famous Om Beach & Gokarna Beach. Evening back to hotel & stay overnight at Gokarna.
Day 3 : Gokarna
Early morning, after fresh up, proceed to visit the Famous Bhadrakali Temple. It is said that Wife of Lord Shiva had resides at this place on the request of Lord Vishu. Also visit Maha Ganpati Temple. This temple was built in honor of Lord Ganesha, who succeeded in taking the Atmalinga away from Ravana. As per legend, tourists need to first visit this temple before heading towards Mahabaleshwar Temple. After darshan proceed your way to Mahabaleshwar Temple. A Shiva Linga, popularly known as the Atmalinga is worshipped in this temple. This temple is considered as holy as the Shiva Temple in Varanasi and Kashi. Evening back to hotel & stay overnight at Gokarna.
Day 4 : Gokarna – Jog Falls – Murudeshwar (200 Kms. / 6 Hrs.)
Early morning, start your journey to visit Jog Falls. Afternoon proceed to visit Jog Falls. The Jog Falls is one of the most well-known tourist sites in the state of Karnataka. The segmented waterfall comprises of four distinct falls named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket, each merging together to form the huge waterfalls and presenting a picture of grandeur. The uniqueness of Jog Falls lies in the fact that the water does not flow down in a tiered fashion. After 1 Hr. visit at Jog Falls, proceed your way to Murudeshwar. Transfer to hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Stay overnight at Murudeshwar.
Day 5 : Murudeshwar – Hubli (203 Kms. / 5 Hrs.)
Early morning, visit Murudeshwar Temple, which is situated on the top of a hill Kanduka Giri. The temple has a twenty-storied Rajagopura and at the entrance, there are concrete structures of two full sized elephants. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has a huge statue of Shiva, which is around 123 ft in height. Moreover, the temple also houses a Shivalinga, which forms the central deity. The statue of Shiva was built by Shivamogga`s Kashinath and his son Sridhar. Also visit Murudeshwar Beachto see the Huge Statue of Lord Shiva. Afternoon back to hotel. After fresh up, proceed for Hubli. Reach Hubli late evening. Transfer to Railway Station / Bus Stand to board Train / Bus for hometown

The District Headquarters, Belgaum is a picture of contrasts. On one side is the old town area where the cotton and silk weavers still create magic with their fingers , and on the other the modern, bustling, tree-lined Cantonment built by the British.

Belgaum is one of the fastest growing cities in the northwest part of Karnataka. The district of Belgaum borders two states, Maharashta and Goa. Belgaum is accessible via air from Bombay and Bangalore. It is about 100 km (by road) from Hubli, which is one of the bigger junctions on the South-Central Railway. Belgaum is also connected by rail (single line).

Belgaum has several large industries; important among them is the INDAL Aluminium Factory. Belgaum is famous for the sweets and locally made ice cream. Belgaum is also home to several divisions of the Indian Armed Forces. The Maratha Light Infantry has its regimental headquarters in Belgaum. The Commando School of the Indian Army is also situated in Belgaum. The Indian Air Force has a big airbase near Belgaum.

Belgaum, ancient `Venugrama` (`Bamboo village`) was the capital of the Rattas who shifted to this place from Saundatti during the close of 12th century. The place has a fort inside which there is the famous Kamalabasti built in 1204. It has a fine huge protruding lotus (Kamala) in its ceiling and this beautiful structure in Chalukyan style houses Neminatha Teerthankara image. Inside the fort is another excellent structure, the Safa Mosque with three entrances decorated with floral and calligraphic designs. Two of its pillars have Kannada inscriptions in Nagari scripts, one of 1199 of Ratta King Kartaveerya IV and another of 1261 of Sevuna (Yadava) Krishna.

A few other landmarks in Belgaum are: The St. Mary`s Chruch built in 1869, the Maruthi temple believed to be of Chalukyan times, the Kapileshwar temple also of Chalukyan times.


Air : Belgaum has an airport.

Rail : Belgaum is connected by rail to Bangalore (via Londa), Mumbai (via Miraj), Vasco da Gama.

Road : Belgaum is connected by road to most places in south and west of India.

Places of Interest

In the heart of Belgaum, near the bus terminus is the Fort. At the entrance are two shrines. One devoted to Ganapathi and another to Durga. Inside the fort are two Bastis in the late Chalukyan style. Of these, the more famous is the Kamala Basti, built in 1204. Come out of the Kamala Basti and you will find another ruined Jain Temple to its right. Co-existing harmoniously with these examples are two ancient mosques- the Safa Masjid and the Jamia Masjid.

Near the 16th century Jamia Masjid is a dargah of Khanjar Wali.

Kittur - No story of Belgaum is complete without a mention of Kittur Rani Chennamma. One of India`s first freedom fighters, the queen`s heroic resistance is still commemorated locally,in song and story. Her statue stands sentinel over Belgaum at a prominent square.

The Kapileshwara Temple - The Kapileshwara Temple said to be the oldest, the Ananthashayana Temple, the Maruti Temple and the temples of Shiva,Vithoba,Dyamavva and Military Mahadeva.

The Different Churches of Belgaum - Belgaum also has some very impressive churches. St. Mary`s Church, St. Xavier`s Church (the oldest), St. Anthony`s Church, the Cathedral of our Lady and the Methodist church.

Another historical site is the Pampa Sarovara. Built specially for the 1924 All India Congress Session, which was presided by Mahatma Gandhi. Belgaum also has some well laid out parks. The Sambhaji Udyan, the Nath Pai Park and the Shivaji Udyan. Perfect places to relax, to put your feet up and let your imagination soar free.

Gokak Falls - Gokak Falls is 60 kms from Belgaum and 5 kms from Gokak town. The Ghataprabha River takes a leap over a rocky bed 170 feet down. The best season for visiting thiese Falls is between June and September.
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The twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad are located at a distance of around 430 kms from Bangalore- the capital of Karnataka state. The climate is hot and wet during the summer and rainy seasons and pleasant during winter. The twin cities have a history behind them dating back to the Hoysala period. Dharwad is the administrative capital of the Dharwad district and Hubli serves as the commerce center. Dharwad is a quiet, pleasant, and fast growing city in the northern part of Karnataka. Together with Hubli , which is a city twenty-two kilometers away, Dharwad forms a twin city.

Dharwad is known for its prestigious educational institutions. It houses the Karnataka University, which caters to graduate and research students. Karnataka College offers educational services to students just out of high school who aspire to make a career either in the arts or the sciences. S.D.M. Engineering College a more recent addition to the list of educational institutions offers education in Engineering. Hubli has an Engineering college (B.V.B College of Engineering and Technology), the Karnataka Medical College and other institutions.

Dharwad is perhaps best known for its "Pedhas", a sweet made out of milk, and is a must-buy for any tourist visiting the city. Today, Dharwad has grown beyond its borders, with industries dotting both its northern and southern boundaries. In years ahead, it promises to be a beehive of commercial activity. The location of the city on the NH4 makes it equidistant from 2 of the most industrialised centers in the country - Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state and Pune the 2nd most industrialised city in Maharshtra.

General Information

Population : 730,000
Temperature : Max- 39 degree C, Min- 16 degree C
Rainfall : 935 mm
Telephone Access code : ++91 836


Air - The airport is 8km from the center of town. Air Deccan operates flights from Hubli connecting to Bangalore.

Rail - Hubli is a major rail junction on the Mumbai to Banglore route and for trains to Bijapur and Hospet. If you are heading for Goa the No 237 Gadag to Miraj Link Express at 8.30 pm has a 2nd class three tier sleeping coach and another combined 1st and 2nd class two tier sleeping coach attached to the train, and these go all the way to Vasco Da Gama, thus avoiding the need to change at Londa. At Londa these coaches are detached from 237 and addded to the 7806 Miraj to Vasco Gomantak Express at about 3.30am

Bus - There are regular buses to Bangalore (9 hr) and Hospet (4 hr). KSRTC (five daily) and Goa Kadamba bus company buses go to Goa daily. There are also buses to Mumbai (15 hr), Mangalore (10 hr), Jog Falls, Gokarna, Mysore (10 hr), and Bijapur. Across from the bus stand are private bus companies offering deluxe buses to Goa, Bangalore, Pune, Mangalore, Mumbai, and Bijapur. Hubli has a large and busy bus station. Buses to Panaji take 11 hours and leave 3 times a day.

Places of Interest

Someshwara Temple :  is one of the oldest temples just outskirts of Dharwad built in 12th century by Chalukyas, near SDM college.The temple has statues of Mahisha Mardini , Chaturbhuja Ganapati.Da Ra Bendre in one of poems said "Banthanna sanna somavara kanabekanna Someshwara ". River Shalmala takes birth near by but she flows under ground. Someshwara is a beautiful place with surrounding hills and trees and pond.

Murugha Math : This is situated on Savadatti Road. The great Sant Mrityunjaya who was the head the math, fed hundreds of students who came from villages to study at schools and colleges of Dharwad. Lord Mahantappa passed away in 1994 and now lord Shivayogiappa has taken over the deeksha of the math. Every Monday there will be lectures / music conducted in the premises of the math.

Shankara - Matha is located near JSS college off of NH4. Its architecture is new comprising tiles and ceramic statues, grass lawns. It has big peaceful meditation hall, between the two "gopuras" as you can see in the picture.

Dattatreya Temple : The God with four heads representing 4 vedas.Usually called as Dattana Gidu,Situated in Gandhi Chawk.

The Vittal Mandir : Also known as "Vithoba devara gudi". Constructed in 1796 by the Maratha rulers.

Vanavasi Rama Mandira : It is Temple of famous God Sri Rama Along with Sita,Laxmana & Hanuman, Situatated in Malamaddi.

Temple of Milaralinga : This temple is situated behind J.S.S College. It is one of famous temple in Dharwad built in 12th century. The building was built in style of Chalukya"s architecture. However its been renovated. There is a saying that long ago Adilshahi"s converted it as a mosque and again Pashwe"s reconverted as Temple (The Persian stone writing, which said so is missing now). Is also called as "Milaralinga Gudda" because it"s up on Hill. Out side of this temple there is a damaged Chlukya"s "Shivalinga". Inside the temple there are beautifully carved stone pillars and "garbha gudi" has idol of Chaturbhuja (having four arms) Milara holding Dhamaru, Trishul, Khadga and Kapala. Besides this idol there are sculptures of dog, Horse etc. At the center of four pillars, there is a statue of Nandi and roof has beautiful designs of lotus (Kamala). The statue of temple is so situated that first sunrays touch the statue, before daylight breaks over rest of Dharwad. There are Dargas right infront of temple, Peer Anwarsha and Moonawarsha , and every year in the month of Rajjab , Urus takes place.

Ulavi Basappana temple : Chennabasavanna and his team (disciples of Lord Basaveshwara) fled from the hostile Kalyana. On their way to the forests of ulavi they rested here. It is a big stone temple with 63 mantaps constructed by the saints of Shaiva cult. A Mela (Jatri) in August every year (Shravana Masa) celebrates the occasion. A group of people wearing colorful dresses dance in the streets of Dharwad every Monday during "Shravana Masa"

Ganapati Temple : A small temple of Ganapati or Vighneshwara situated in KCD circle

Durgadevi Temple : A temple of the Goddess Durga. Situated near the Corporation building. There is a heavy round stone in the temple. A belief among young svhool going kids "if you lift the stone and place it back without making sound, you will pass in the exam".

Tapovan : This is the temple near the University. A great learned Saint called Kumaraswami established it. People from all over the country came here to listen to his lectures. Since his death last year his followers are maintaining it. Formarly this math was called Navakalyana math in the city and then it got shifted to Tapovan.

Renuka (Yellamma) Devi-Temple : This is a well-known temple in North Karnataka visited by pilgrims mainly from Karnataka, Maharashtra & AndhraPradesh. Yellamma temple is situated atop hill, near Soundatti in Belgaum district. The number of devotees visiting the temple is estimated to be around 30 lakhs, their number is the highest on Bharat Hunnime day. Several other famous temples situated at this holy place include Sri Jamadhagnishwar Temple, Sri Parashuram Temple, Yekhanath Joghinath temple, Ganesh temple & Sri Aanjaneya temple.

The major churches : The Roman Catholic Church St Joseph near Jubilee circle, The Basel Mission Church - Near Laxmi talkies

Mosque : The Jumma Mosque in Dharwad is main Mosque for followers of Islam in Dharwad. There are many mosques in Dharwad, Hubli and also all around Dharwad District. They all have big, tall minors and dome in the center. There are Dargas right infront of Mailaralinga temple, on Vidyagiri hill, Peer Anwarsha and Moonawarsha ,and every year in the month of Rajjab , Uruus takes place.

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About Gokarna :

Gokarna, meaning Cow’s Ear, is a small village in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state. Gokarna is a pilgrimage centre as well as a tourist destination. Gokarna’s is a temple town with the main deity being Lord Mahabaleshwara, a form of Hindu god Shiva.

There are also numerous beaches in and around the town that serves as a tourist attraction for travelers. The name of this town is based on the belief that Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow (Prithvi, the mother Earth) here. Gokarna is also located at the ear shaped confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini. Gokarna is a beautiful place with stretches of coconut and palm trees, blue seas and clean sands, traditional town look with shopping streets and tile-roofed brick houses.

Where is it :

Gokarna is a village in the Uttara Kannada district of the Karnataka state, India. It is between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers and situated along the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea.

How To Reach Gokarna :

By Air :
The closest airport to Gokarna is Goa approximately 160 kms away. From here you would have to take a bus or a taxi to Gokarn

By Rail :
Only slow passenger trains stop at Gokarna Rd train station. Otherwise several express trains stop at Ankola and Kumta stations, both about 25km from Gokarna and accessible by local bus.

By Bus :
Ordinary and deluxe buses ply between Bangalore and Gokarna. Regular buses also run from Mangalore, Hubli and Goa.

When To Visit :

October to February is the coolest and best time to visit Gokarna. The Shivarathri festival, normally celebrated February-March also attracts its fair share of visitors and is also a good time to be in Gokarna. 

Try and avoid the summer months of April and May and the monsoon months between June and August as they are not the best of times to go to the beach and swim.
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Jog Falls
About Jog Falls :
The Sharavathi River cascades down 292 m in four distinct falls - Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket - at Gerusoppa and is a roaring treat to one`s eyes. While the height of the Jog Falls is quite intimidating by itself; going to the base of the waterfall and then climbing back can prove a daunting task -it will take around 20minutes to walk down to the bottom, and could easily take an hour or two to come back. 

Being a major attraction, the Jog Falls is well connected by road and train. You can take bus or train to nearest town - Sagar and travel on local buses to Jog. If you are driving, the entire stretch of road is to be covered on a national highway which is mostly in good condition. It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Jog Falls. A turn to the left into NH 206 in Tumkur from Tumkur road (NH 4) from Bangalore via Shimoga and Sagar towns will get you to the Jog Falls. The waterfall is just at a short 2 kms deviation from the highway. 

If you want to see the waterfall at its best go during or just after the monsoon. In February it looks a bit pathetic. The area around it with its many forests and the Swarna Nadi River is worth a visit though. You can spend an entire day around the waterfall. If you hike the way down to the base of the fall, taking a dip in the water when you are in the gorge will be worth tour while. A drive to the other side of the Jog Falls can get close to the falling water. The Sharavati valley, which is a little further down the national highway, affords breathtaking view. 

How To Reach Jog Falls

Air : The nearest airport is Bangalore airport 378 kms away and Mangalore (180km).

Rail : The nearest railway station is Shimoga (104 kms from Jog). From Shimoga one can go to Taluguppa in a train meter gauge or in a bus. From Taluguppa it is 16kms to Jog by road. There are around 4 trains daily to Shimoga from Bangalore.

Road :  The best approach from Bangalore is via  Tumkur road, NH 4 and then turn left at Tumkur, along the NH 206 (the condition of the road may not be good) to Shimoga and Sagara towns which have several buses to the falls each day. Now there are direct KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) buses including luxury coaches from Bangalore to Jog (8.30- 9 hrs Hrs journey). One can also take a direct bus from Bangalore to Shimoga or Sagara and then take local bus from Sagara to Jog. 


One of the highest in India and the 7th deepest waterfalls in Asia

Best Season :


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About Murudeshwara :

Murudeshwar of Bhatkal taluk in Uttara Kannada district is around 165 km from Mangalore on the National Highway attracting lot of devotees and tourists to the place. This picturesque place situated between Honnavara and Bhatkal. Bounded by the Arabian Sea and rolling hills of Western Ghats, the place is a favorite picnic spot. Probably the finest beach, temple, restaurants, guest houses, resorts & beautiful garden in coastal karnataka and the most popular.

The sea is an intrinsic part of the temple scape at Murudeshwar. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri on three sides. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to the temple. As one ascends the hillock, there is a shrine of Jattiga seated on a horse. There is a huge fort behind the temple, said to have been renovated by King Tippu sultan of Mysore. Evening visit to see sunset at sun set point is real fulfilling experience. View of small boats and fishermen coming back to their houses from quite distances and different sides in the sea make every body feel the mesmerizing evening.

The main attraction of Murudeshwar is Shiva temple, this sacred place presents some beautiful carvings and statues, which has a history that dates back to a few centuries (Threthayuga). The temple which embodies a Shiva Linga is believed to have erupted when Ravana (Demon King of Lanka) flung the cloth covering the Atmalinga at Gokarna while lifting it. Lord Shiva, following a complicated sequence of events, declared that Murudeshwara should be one of his five holy places.

Shiva Idol :

A recent attraction of Murudeshwara is the Lord Shiva idol erected beside the temple.

The idol towers 123 feet into the sky and viewable from a very long distance from the arabian sea.

It is the tallest Shiva idol in the world.

Best time to visit : 

Throughout the year

Places near Murudeshwar :

Bhatkal   - 16 kms
Idagunji  - 20 kms
Gokarna   - 65 kms
Karwar    - 120 kms
Kollur    - 63 kms
Jog Falls - 90 kms
Manjuguni - 90 kms
Udupi     - 100 kms

How to reach Murudeshwar :

Road: (1 km off National Highway)

From Mangalore: Udupi - Kundapur - Byndoor - Bhatkal - Murudeshwar

From Karwar: Kumata - Honnavar - Murudeshwar

Rail : 
       The Konkan Railways and other express trains plying on the Mangalore-Goa-Mumbai route makes a stop at                        Murudeshwar.

Nearest Rail-head:

Nearest Airport : 
Mangalore and Goa

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Difference in cost arising due to change in Fuel price.
Entrance Fees & Guide charges.
Any expenses caused by reasons beyond our control such as flight delays, rescheduling or cancellations, any accidents, medical evacuations, riots, strikes, etc.
Any tips to drivers, hotel staff, any meals apart from the ones mentioned above.
Government Service Tax (G.S.T.) as applicable 3.09%

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EP (Europian Plan) : Accomodation Only 
CP (Continental Plan) : Accomodation + Breakfast 
MAP (Modified American Plan) : Accomodation + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner 
AP (American Plan) : Accomodation + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 
Note : All information is issued in good faith and is for guidance only. The management reserves the right to amend any of the above dates, rates, durations routes or hotel reservations at any time without notice. Terms & Conditions apply.

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